More than just a workout.

A session with Jack D. is more than just a workout – it's a good time!  He plays the music loud, and loves to make you sweat - but even more to make you smile!  When Jack writes a program, he draws from his extensive education and experience to provide a challenging workout that is appropriate for any person's current fitness level.  The workout will push you outside of your comfort zone, yet leave you excited for more!


Small Group Training @ Bezz Training or Cheetah Gym Chicago.  No gym membership required!

Small Group Training @ Bezz Training or Cheetah Gym Chicago.  No gym membership required!


Small Group Training

Andersonville -or- edgewater - 715.209.1921

Jack offers small group (2-10 people) sessions at Cheetah Gym in Andersonville (5248 N Clark St.) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30-9:30am.  

He also offers small group sessions (2-8 people) at Bezz Training in Edgewater (6033 N Sheridan Rd.) upon request.

  • Contact Jack for more information on small group training sessions!  
8:30am Sessions at Cheetah Gym

Jenn   J  - being a  total   badass  in Tuesday morning Athletic Conditioning!

Jenn J - being a total badass in Tuesday morning Athletic Conditioning!

Cheetah Gym Chicago

Andersonville - 773.728.7777

Whether you're talking about personal training or group fitness classes, Jack's name comes up a lot at Cheetah Gym!  Everything from Indoor Cycling to TRX Suspension Training, Athletic Conditioning to Yoga & Pilates classes is offered as part of this gym's class programming.  Jack teaches morning and mid-day classes at this Andersonville gym Tuesday-Friday!  Visit to check it out.  They have it all! 

Post-bootcamp selfie with the  crew !

Post-bootcamp selfie with the crew!

Chicago's Neighborhood Fitness Centers

(ravenswood and edgewater) - 773.728.2660

Monday night's AMRAP Bootcamp and Cardio Blast are new classes at Edgewater Fitness Center.  45 and 30 minutes respectively, you can either take one class, or the other, or both!  With constantly varied, always challenging, often swear word-inducing workouts - these classes are a guaranteed sweat fest!  

Shout out to all of my Monday Night Peeps!

Floor pressing with the  BABS  (bad ass bitches)!

Floor pressing with the BABS (bad ass bitches)!

BEZZ Training Club

Edgewater - 508.737.9528

Master Trainer Jorge Bezerra's fresh, new space in Edgewater!  Located at 6033 N Sheridan in the Malibu East Mall, this personal training/small group training gym has a small staff of experienced trainers who can't wait to kick your butt!  Joining this training club affords you many workout options and nutritional guidance to help you create sustainable health habits.

Pushups  to keep us warm!

Pushups to keep us warm!


Outdoor Bootcamp

hollywood beach

Open to the public and offered only on select dates, this outdoor workout on Chicago's Lakefront is a BLAST!  You'll throw sandbags (sandbells), hang from trees (TRX Suspension Trainers), sprawl in the grass (burpees), and sprint through the sand! 

I guarantee - my Beach Bootcampers will NEVER be bored! 

Current Weekly Class Schedule*

* actual schedule may vary - it's best to double check, VIA MY CONTACT page!



  • a.m. personal training available

  • 8:30am - SMALL GROUP TRAINING @ Cheetah Gym 

  • 5:30PM - AMRAP Bootcamp at edgewater fitness center

  • 6:15PM - CARDIO BLAST at edgewater fitness center


  • 6am - Athletic Conditioning @ Cheetah Gym

  • A.m. personal training available

  • 12pm - indoor cycling @ Cheetah Gym 



  • 9:30am - TABATA BOOTCAMP @ Cheetah Gym

  • 6:30pm - indoor cycling @ Cheetah Gym

  • p.m. personal training available


  • 6am - TRX Bootcamp @ cheetah gym

  • 12pm - Athletic conditioning @ cheetah gym


  • 8:30am - small group training @ cheetah gym

  • 9:30am - AMRAP Bootcamp @ Cheetah Gym

  • p.m. personal training available


  • 1pm - small group training @ bezz training

  • 2pm - Dragons/Red Liners ATHLETE Conditioning Workout

  • limited personal training availability - click here for more info!


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