What do Jack's current clients have to say?

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"If you are looking for a motivational, experienced and fun trainer...Jack is your guy!! Every workout is different and uses a variety of exercises to challenge your body in new ways. Kettle bells, TRX, weights, weighted balls and resistance bands are all tools in his arsenal. And just when he pushes you where you think you might cry, he will reward you with his cheeky sense of humor and winning smile. Jack is truly the best of the best!"


 - Leigh F.

"Jack is an excellent trainer. He is always there to motivate, listens and sets appropriate goals and keeps every session fresh and different. Highly recommended!!"


 - Kira F.

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"Jack has helped me get into the best shape I've been in in years. I started by taking his classes and loved how knowledgeable he was and how fun and challenging his workouts were. After about 6 months (and great results) I decided to begin seeing him for one-on-one sessions. He's helped me to get stronger, leaner and given me confidence to lift in the weight room on my own. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to reach their fitness goals!"  


 - A.C.W.

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"I've been working with Jack for close to two years now. He's my fourth trainer. The others were good, but he's the best. With him I've developed a lot more definition and muscle mass (and I'm in my fifties). I've also developed a lot more stamina. He's great working around injuries/weak spots."


 - Steve R.

"I love training with Jack! It's always different each time and I truly enjoy going to the gym. He tailors each work out to what my body needs and I know I'm in good hands-plus, he's fun to be with:) Jack is the best!!"


 - Katie C.

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