The Holiday HIIT Challenge!

The laze of the Holidays is upon us, and naturally we'll be spending a lot more time than usual around food, and a lot less time at the gym.  Some of us are traveling, some are not.  Some of us are responsible for hosting hoards of friends and family, some are not.  Some of us have one million gifts to buy, and some do not.  Although everyone's holiday season looks a little different, one thing we all have in common is that we can find 30 minutes in our day to jingle (shake around) some bells (dumbbells) and get some HIIT (high intensity interval training) done.  


On December 13, I'll be releasing the Holiday HIIT Challenge:  12 Days of HIIT'mas.  The challenge is to complete all 12 workouts by New Years Day!  That gives you 20 days to complete about 6 hours of HIIT.  Be sure to pick up a set of resistance bands!

Together, we can defeat the laze of the holidays!


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